Moments: Slice of Life 3/8

Sticky. What makes something sticky? I’ve had my students blogging for the last two years. It always starts with excitement and then quietly fades to nothing. But this time it feels different; like a switch being turned on. Is it because I rolled it out slowly, meticulously, delicately?  Does it have anything to do with me blogging alongside them? How about the fact that many of them are participating in the Edublog Challenge? Could it be the opportunity they had to share their work with fourth graders? Or maybe these kids just have more to say?

I’m not sure, but I do know that I want to capture it and sprinkle that magic dust on everything we do. Because, for a teacher, there is rarely anything more exquisite than a child absorbed in reading and writing. I’ve been at this for 30 years. It never grows old. These moments of beautiful learning.

2 Replies to “Moments: Slice of Life 3/8”

  1. Perhaps authenticity in audience helps. It’s true when we change a few things we aren’t quite sure what the secret sauce is. Congratulations on finding the sweet spot.

  2. “There is rarely anything more exquisite than a child absorbed in reading and writing.” Agreed!
    I have to tell you that with your first sentence I made a very different prediction on what your slice would be about. As a primarily early years teacher, “what makes something sticky?” would undoubtedly be followed by a story about bodily fluids, art supplies, misplaced food, or any combination of the above. I’m happy for you that your day was a better type of sticky!

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