New Wondering: Slice of Life 3/12

I’ve written about seeing teaching and learning with new eyes (HERE , HERE & HERE); about unlearning and relearning to imagine new learning spaces. Most of my wonderings over the past 4 or 5 years has been around reading and writing; today though, a brand new question pushed its way into my thinking: what should history/social studies look in today’s classroom? Because let’s be really honest here…a LOT has changed since I was a fifth grader in 1971. If I can Google the capital of Missouri; if I can connect with people from around the world; if we believe learning should be rooted in authenticity and reflect the world around us…well, what should social studies look like?

I’ll write about today’s splendor (because every day is pure light) but right now, my brain is a bit of a tangle. What do you think?

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  1. WHile I don’t directly teach social studies, I have found in my literacy work I’m drawn t providing windows for students , windows to history, to new ideas. It’s made all the work so much more exciting.

  2. I am finding that is a big question! Both the school I am at now and my previous school had a strong reading and writing program, a math program being revolutionized with mindset and problem solving, and NGSS pushing science. But what about social studies? No one seemed to have the right answer at either school. Knowledge is at our fingertips at all time, so there must be a better way.
    Let me know if you figure it out!

  3. Wow. Plain wow.
    Love the post alltogether~the picture (not because one of the girls in that picture is me,) your words, the links, you name it!
    Mrs. Harrod I love everything about this post!
    Keep up the “can help but love” work!😂

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