Still Shot: Slice of Life 3/14

This image is beautiful in its simplicity. A still shot of what is at the core of the personalized learning classroom: Student Agency.

Barbara Bray explains Student Agency:

Learner agency often gets missed in conversations on transforming the educational system. We have a sense of ‘agency’ when we feel in control of things that happen around us; when we feel that we can influence events. This is an important sense for learners to develop. Learners must understand:

  • when they need new learning and how to learn what they need
  • when they need to unlearn what will no longer serve them 
  • when they need to relearn what they need to be successful 

They must develop the capacity to engage strategically in their learning without waiting to be directed. They must take ownership of and responsibility for their learning. And, they must possess the skills to learn independently, without heavy dependence on external structures and direction.

What does agency look like in your classroom? Where is your still shot?

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  1. Helping students to ownership over their learning is so important. I love finding evidence of this happening! Thanks for sharing and getting me to think more about this.

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