Let Me Do It: Slice of Life 3/19

Image #1: Sydney & Evelyn Image #2: Maya Gomaa #3: Maddie Cofer #4: Unknown

Some of my awesome writers are participating in the Edublog Student Blogging Challenge. This week, they learned about the importance of using images in their blog posts. We all learned more about copyright and creative commons…and soon agreed that making our own images is probably a good idea. So I thought I’d share some of the work they’ve done…completely on their own, with no help from me. Of everything we’ve done this year, blogging is by far the best. Authentic. Inspiring. Meaningful.

6 Replies to “Let Me Do It: Slice of Life 3/19”

  1. What fun! Is edublog a platform? I worry about confidentiality – I have 5the graders . I would love them to write more authentically. Keep up the good work.

  2. Those images are really cool. I’m interested in seeing what they wrote along with those images. That sounds like a great experience for your students.

  3. Dear Mrs.Harrod,
    It makes me so happy that your using my image! That is a great blog post, and a great update of the class! Keep going strong on Slice Of Life!


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